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Child Development Expert & Curriculum Creator

 Being a mother has been my greatest blessing. 
The ability to create, grow and nurture a child is such a magical experience and I appreciate every moment of motherhood.

As a sibling of 12....okay okay before you drop your jaw, I only grew up with four of my siblings lol BUT being around all of my siblings at different stages of my life taught me that every child is different and more importantly unique. What learning techniques you use on your first child may backfire on your second (ask me how I know lol). That is where the "expert" part comes in! Being able to quickly adapt to each of your children's learning traits is a skill!

Over the past five years I have been crafting different learning materiel and techniques with you and your child in mind. Everything from busy work to crafts, i've got you! I take into consideration the stay at home mom and the "just got home from work" mother! I can't wait to share with you all I have learned.


Health, Mind, Wellbeing

When it comes to teaching and creating, I love to embrace the natural side of things. I have combined Montessori and Waldorf education techniques, along with the reality of modern day life, to create a line of educational products and tips for both children and parents alike. 

I believe in taking time for your children is one of the most fruitful sacrifices a parent can make. Just think about them as a seed. The more you water and care for a seed the better they will grow. Not only will they be on track, but they may even surpass your expectations!