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Enjoy some of our favorite handmade worksheets & activities! Simply download and print for a quick and easy lesson.

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Tracing Letters- www.raisingtinyfeet.com

Tracing Letters

Practice Handwriting and Letter Recognition with your child.

More or Less-www.raisingtinyfeet.com.jpg

More or Less

Sharpen your child's skills with identifying more and less.

Long and Short- www.raisingtinyfeet.com.

Long and Short

Use sea life to practice recognizing the difference between long and short

Mixing Colors- www.raisingtinyfeet.com.j

Mixing Colors

Grab a set of watercolors and have fun mixing colors!

Ordinal Numbers- www.raisingtinyfeet.com

Ordinal Numbers

Learn Ordinal Numbers through matching.

Valentines Day Cake- www.raisingtinyfeet

Valentine's Day

Have fun and decorate a heart shaped cake for valentines day!

Even and Odd- www.raisingtinyfeet.com.jp

Even and Odd

Count the candies in the jar and match them with the word even or odd.

Worksheet Templates _ www.raisingtinyfee

Shape Recognition

Practice shape recognition with your child.

Robot Counting-www.raisingtinyfeet.com.j

Robot Counting

Have the child place the correct number of googly eyes on the robots. Work with them to count how many eyes belong on the each robot!

Big and Small-www.raisingtinyfeet.com.jp

Big and Small

Use the counting bears to have the child point out the different sizes and colors. Help the child differentiate between the  large and small bear

Small, Medium, Large-www.raisingtinyfeet

Small, Medium and Large

Teach the child to sort as well as the difference between small, medium and large. Cut out the apples (provided in the cut out page with) and have the child place the apples in the appropriate basket.