Tiny Miracle, Might Testimony

At 18 weeks pregnant my waters ruptured leaving me with an AFI of 0. For 8 weeks Naomi survived in my tummy with no fluid. At 25 weeks Naomi was born prematurely weighing an amazing 1lb 4 oz. Though Naomi is tiny, she is strong!

Each day brings a new challenge but through God’s grace, she has surpassed each hurdle and she continues to thrive daily. At only 2 days old she underwent her first procedure due to her lung collapsing and on day 6 of life, she powered through a blood transfusion.

Naomi stayed in the NICU for a total of 100 days and was released oxygen free with follow up appointments with cardiologist and pulmonologist. 

Despite how scary everything feels, Naomi and I have been blessed beyond measure! We want to use this page and our instagram to encourage other NICU parents, as well as to share Naomi’s Nicu journey.

We would love for you to walk alongside us, praying, praising and pushing through each day!

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