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Updated: Feb 25

The following is an excerpt from one of my journal entries. I try to make a habit of journaling throughout the week and I find it so rewarding to look back and see what I overcame on some of my worst days or what I accomplished on some of my best days.

This morning I did a brief stretching to the song bigger by Beyoncé. I woke up late today and immediately began to feel insignificant which is a feeling that song speaks to.

Last week was a really rough week. Most days Gabe cried and cried, then Noah busted his lip adding to the crying… I couldn’t win. I just wanted to give up. I almost convinced myself that the world was better off without me.

If I am honest, work is beginning to take a toll on me. Responding to inquiries non-stop is going to take me out. I am not doing well. I love what I do, but this is hard, At the same time I feel like I could push myself harder, so I am stuck. I literally have so much I want to do, So the fact that I can barely do the simple things it’s really making me feel insignificant.

Hoping things get easier and better.

My Prayer

Dear father, please help me, help me to show patience and kindness, help me to have discipline and to come to you more often. Dear father empty me of me and fill me up with you. Help me to stay focused. Give me knowledge and wisdom and breathe your life into me. I pray that you help me to improve. Lead me father and speak to me, my eyes are open.

Help me to be productive today, guide me when it comes to caring for my children.

Thank you for keeping me and my family. I love you, Amen.


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