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As I was posting on Instagram yesterday, I was searching for hashtags and as I typed the letter T, the hashtag #ThankfulThursday popped up, I immediately thought “I love that!”

So often we focus on what is missing in our lives that we forget to count the small things that are present before our very eyes. I myself am guilty and struggle with this often, so I was excited to see #ThankfulThursdays because this will help me to put gratitude back into my routine. Sooo, ready to hear my crazy #Thankfulthursday story?....buckle up!

Yesterday began like any other day, I was running behind #momlife and scrambling to get things done. I scored a rare outing without the kiddos and STILL was running behind.

Nevertheless I kept pushing! In an attempt to eat breakfast, I shoved four strawberries in my mouth (strawberries which I soon noticed smelled terrible because I let some meat go bad in the fridge) With the terrible taste in my mouth I cried silent tears and ran out the door to head to work. I decided to take the highway, not because it was faster, but because I didn’t want to pass the donut shop on the way and make myself fall behind even more! I get to my studio space, begin cleaning and shamefully shuffling things back and forth to my storage room. I am positive my organs were pissed. I'm never up this early doing cardio! (I own a photography rental studio btw!) As my 10:30 appointment stepped foot out of the elevator located down the hallway, I shoved the last of my crap into my storage space and nonchalantly acted as if I wasn’t out of breath. (Can’t relate? Picture yourself running around cleaning up before guests arrive...) Now that we are all on the same page and can feel the anxiety rushing through our blood, I can continue...

After successfully convincing my client that I had my life put together, we had an awesome conversation and I left her to use the space to photograph her clients! After about an hour, I locked up the studio to head back home! On the way down the elevator my little sister sent me a message saying that she ordered me some Wingstop fries because she knew how hungry I probably was! I was soo thankful!🙌 (Okay you got me, there's more HA! ) So as I left doing my happy dance, my car had the audacity to ding! Yes! The annoying “Baby girl you out of gas “ding”” I shriveled up my lips because I knew my fries would probably be cold and headed towards the GAS STATION pouting. (Yes I'm yelling lol) Now the gas station that was closest was the one we call the "sketchy gas station" in town. Admittedly we shouldn’t label it that way-but there are a lot of drug users, creepers who want to get your number, and not too far is the homeless community. I took a deep breath and pulled up next to the pump with my “don’t talk to me, I will cut you” face. (God is still working on me!)

As soon as I got the pump going, I tried to shuffle back into the car without being seen, but just as I placed my hand on the door, a man came up and asked me for a ride to a nearby elementary school. I used to binge watch Criminal Minds, so you can imagine what’s going through my head...I try to think of a few excuses and act like I forgot where the school is (don’t play, you know you do this too) but I felt convicted and just said a short prayer. (i.e Jesus….) I agree to give him and his wife a ride, and begin to clear my carseats and other junk from the backseat. On the way they tell me that they are heading to a motel where they live with their daughter. (my heart sank a little) Then I mentioned the crazy weather we had here in Texas last week and they told me how they had to walk in it. (my heart sank again) They had to walk the freeway during the negative -20 temperatures just to get to and from. As I turned on the air in the car I was having trouble and I mentioned to them that this is not my car and I wasn't completely sure I was turning on the passenger seat air correctly. (WHAT?! It’s been cold here but all the sudden TEXAS threw us some warm weather)

Backstory: Early December on my way home from work, a car ran a stop sign causing me to do a complete 360 in the road and land on top of a curb, almost plowing me into a nearby pharmacy. By God's grace I exited with nothing broken.. just a messed up neck and back due to the whiplash. My car however, was completely totaled! For the past few months I have been blessed enough to be able to borrow a car so that I could make my appointments, get groceries and not be completely confined to our tiny apartment.

As soon as the words about the weather left my mouth, so much began to race through my mind. As miserable as I have been in this tiny car, at least I had a car to use when I needed it. We didn’t go without water or heat during the terrible blizzard last week, in fact we never left the house! I didn’t even go without groceries for me and the kids.

Reflecting even more, I was shocked how much I looked over my blessings. The ability to get treatment for my injuries due to the wreck. Having a home that's my own, not living out of a motel. There was (and is) so much to be thankful for every single day but often it’s overlooked by the small things.

Pulling out of the motel I was in tears and I am in tears now. How could I overlook so much everyday. Imagine being in their daughters shoes- she has to go to school with friends who probably have houses and cars while she stays in a motel. I pictured her walking in the snow or being alone in the motel for hours waiting for her parents to return. I was shattered! On the days where it seems like I just can’t catch a break, I am still more blessed than I could ever imagine. So here I am, thankful for#thankfulthursdays! Thankful that I can reflect on what good God has brought into my life. I often saying being a mom is one of my greatest blessings and while it isn’t always easy, I am so thankful that I can carry children, and Raise my Tiny Feet.

Have a moment? Say a prayer for the family living out of that motel, or leave a comment sharing something that you are thankful for! I will catch you guys in my next post! (btw, Thankful Thursday is definitely a thing now, so join me here every Thursday to go on my rollercoaster shenanigans!) Subscribe to our site for freebies and to have our blogs sent right to your inbox!

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