Dear Parents, Don't Dim My Light!

Updated: Feb 18

Have you ever thought about how BIG everything looks in your home from a child's perspective? Have you ever felt small or embarrassed because you had to constantly ask someone for help? 😣 Children feel the same way! Everyday in their own home, they have to ask for help with tasks that honestly, are really simple and that they would LOVE to do themselves!

Often times as parents, we don't realize how much we dim our child's light by taking over and not letting them excel in their day to day lives. You know that inner light that makes our beautiful children SHINE and be so spunky, cute and resilient? Yes! That one, please don't dim that light! Think about it, we choose what clothes are going on their bodies, what they will eat, when they get to play, the music they hear etc. Our children tend to get lost in this day to day shuffle and most days, it is hard for us to find time to listen to their desires, as well as grow their individuality. This, my friends is suffocating the light that shines within.

Perhaps it is time we asked ourselves....When is the last time my child felt successful? Or proud of him or herself for reaching a milestone? This is your child's life too, and it is our job to invest in them. We are raising the next generation, the future! This week, take some time to set up something in your home for your little heartbeat to be able to do independently. Whether it's placing the water bottles lower in the fridge or letting them help fix dinner your child be successful! Boost their confidence and independence. You'd be surprised how capable they are at doing things on their own. 😌💙

Extra! Extra! Still puzzled on how you can help your precious babe be successful in the home? Try a few of these tips out!

6-12 months

  • Prepare finger foods for your child to begin feeding him or herself while the family eats too. This will help them feel in control and apart of the family.

  • Place a variety of toys on a low shelf, in an area the child is in the most. This encourages them to play whenever they want and choose the toy that sparks joy in them.

  • Let them solve puzzles. Use something simple, like wooden blocks or a ball and a cup. Show them how to do the activity a few times, then hand them the object and watch them go! At this age they are fascinated by new things, and will be so thrilled to see their parents excited about their new accomplishment!

1-2 years

  • Set up a water dispenser and a few small cups and allow them to get water as they please. Not only does this encourage our water intake, but this helps them feel successful on their own! Be sure to show them how to get water, and then ask them to show you how THEY get water, once you know they understand the concept, let them soar!

  • Laundry! Set aside a tiny pile of towels and socks on the floor for your little one. Place a small basket next to them and teach them how to place the socks and towel in the basket. Cheer them on and say thank you when you are all complete!

  • Dishes. Invest in shatterproof dishes (easily found at Walmart and similar stores) and clear out a bottom drawer or cabinet for your little tot to put their own dishes in. When you are unloading the dishwasher, hand them their dishes and send them on their way!

3-5 years

  • Give them tasks that they can do around the house to help out. Putting snacks on the floor/shelf in the pantry, picking up toys, helping stir/serve dinner. Be sure to not be overbearing or controlling, step back and observe and praise your child once he/she has completed the task.

  • Make a tiny snack area filled with their favorite snacks and a few water bottles. Set this area up in the corner of the house on a small end table. Allow them to graze as they please.

  • Let them choose their own clothes. Pick out two-three outfits and place them on the bed. Let your child select their favorite pairing for that day. This keeps you in control, but also helps deter them away from feeling down. (lets say they pick shorts, but its cold outside, so you tell them they have to wear pants...that could take away from the happiness of letting them choose their own clothing, so by choosing three outfits as a starting point, this helps lead them to success while catering to their individuality!

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