Everyday Chore Checklist for Small Children! FREE Printable!

Living in a house with multiple kiddos requires skill, patience and time...buttttt, we all know that at least two of those three things are HARD to come by! (whispers...patience and time)

For Malakai, my five year old, I needed something that he could do with little to no direction while I help my tinier tots get settled for the morning. Sooo, I created this Chore Checklist of basic things for him to do after he has made his breakfast. This keeps him busy, while mom is busy! (Keep reading below to download your free Chore Checklist!)

Having this Chore Checklist helps him to stay on task and accomplish multiple things without asking mommy what he can do next, while I am chasing Noah around the house or nursing sweet tiny Gabriel. Click here to meet the Tiny Feet Family! Pro Tip: Place the checklist inside of a clear sheet protector and pair it with a clip board! I have a thumbtack place at his height on the wall and that where he keeps his clipboard, once a task is complete he checks it off using a dry erase marker. (this helps to motivate the child so he/she can see their progress.

Once he completes everything on his Checklist he is able to play his Nintendo Switch for about an hour or until I have his next lesson prepared! This Chore Checklist has become a life saver in our home and I am so excited to share it with you! Click HERE to download your free checklist!

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