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Updated: Feb 18

A year ago today, I was in the darkest season of my life, a season that has felt never ending. I had just had Noah, Austin was stationed in Las Vegas, and I was miles away from home in Nebraska. To make things worse it was the middle of winter and there were times we would go days without seeing the sun. I was miserable, my postpartum depression growing by the day, and I was so alone. Suicide was on my mind daily, I was never happy and this continued for months.

Finally, April came, Austin was finally out of the Air Force and I planned a trip to Wichita as fast as I could. You guys gave me so much happiness and each session was full of light and for once I felt like me again. My job and my wonderful clients saved me, I forgot about how much I hated my baby weight, I forgot about my hair problems and insecurities....I was home and I was free!

I was free to create, to walk outside without a heavy coat and one kid on each arm, to feel valued. I ate at some of my favorite places, like Samurai of Tokyo, Vaca Loca of Texas and Golden Chick, I spent time with family and friends, I was in heaven.

Last week I announced that we are expecting again! Truth be told I am freaking out, and going through prenatal depression, but thankfully It isn't as severe as my ppd. After tons of debating and back and forth we decided that It would be best to make the move back to Texas. I would be closer to family and friends, the weather would be better (especially shuffling three kids in and out of the car. ) I wouldn't have to drive 20 minutes to an appointment and then 20 minutes to the store with a screaming baby or two.....all around it would just be a better environment, should my postpartum depression become as crippling as the last time.

So here we are! Our minds are made up, boxes are packed and we are preparing to move! While we don't have every detail planned out, we have our date set, so look out Wichita, we will be back March 2020! I have made a client appreciation coupon for $50 off just for you and it would totally make my day to be out shooting again when we return. ♥ The coupon code is "thankyou2020" and session information can be found here!

Thank you to everyone for your amazing support, kind words and encouragement! I cannot wait to be back home!

If you are a mom going through something similar, please don't be afraid to reach out, I would love to talk with you, hug you and be there for you! You can read more about my postpartum depression story here:

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