Snowed In but Pressing Forward | Five Essentials for the Everyday Mom

If you are like many of us here in Central North America, you too have found yourself snowed in! Now I'm not sure about you, but I learned nothing during last year's quarantine! My only goal was keeping myself and my family alive and happy. It was also a nice time to just pause and rest. Now, nearly a year later, we are all here scratching our heads and wondering why we got shut inside, YET AGAIN! While we had a few days to prepare our homes, I didn’t take the extra time to prepare my mind!

Our body’s, as mothers, are like trees. We have to weather through every season and every storm in order to provide protection and nutrition for our children. Just think of how many things rely on trees! Our houses are made from trees, The food chain thrives off of the consistency of the trees and even Small prey use trees for shelter. Without small prey, predators (our main food source) would have nothing to eat. Our fruits grow on trees and the list goes on!

Do you see mom, you are like a tree for your children! Supplying them with so many different forms of provision and protection. Every bit of your mind, body and soul is important!

So if you are like me and you didn't mentally prepare for a snow storm, THAT'S OK! It’s never too late to refill your cup and gather your mental plan. Oftentimes in the midst of uncertainty, we lose any and all feelings of accomplishment and we default to the phrase “what could I have done better?”

That thought is like taking an ax to our very tree trunk, but I am here to stop you from swinging that ax with these 5 essential tips.

  1. Give yourself grace

Seriously adulting is hard enough, but trying to navigate through foggy territory as a parent, is difficult on a different level. So start by giving yourself grace...grace for the mess ups, fussing, and most importantly the failures. Breathe through each moment and remind yourself that you are trying, and that is what counts. But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." 2 Corinthians 12:9.

2. Create a “Got done list”

Similar to a to-do list, but without the guilt. Create a “ Got Done” List at the end of each day, writing down everything you got done that day. The key to this is that nothing is too small for the “got done” list. Changed 5 diapers? Yes! Gave out lunchables? Yep! Made your bed? Score! When you really dissect everything you accomplished that day it changes up your perspective. You would be surprised to see just how much you do each day.

3. Stay fed and hydrated

I think we all are familiar with the term “hangry” . Keep yourself nourished so that you don’t get that feeling. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup. A couple of snacks set aside just for you by your nightstand or in your closet can help you keep your physical tank from reaching E.

4. Take time for yourself

This is probably the most important, yet hard to come by. Create a quiet time alarm on your phone, tell your children that when the alarm goes off that it is quiet time. Place the eldest in charge and take a moment to yourself in your room.

Have littles who can’t watch themselves? Same here mom, it’s ok. For the littles, I either think of a busy board activity, or use this time to let them watch an hour of babyshark on repeat. (did I mention this was a judge free zone? lol)

Is quiet time always successful? Noooo, but eventually they catch on.

Something that has been working for me lately is reading a book at the start of quiet time, then putting on the correlating series or tv show. Then, for me at least, there is no guilt. I find that the child is more interested in the show because it’s like the book is coming to life!

5. Rest

I know it seems counterproductive to rest, but when you are being drained from every direction in life, rest is vital. Instead of trying to stay up late and clean, get in bed a little earlier and rest. Trust me, your body will wake you when you are well rested. For me, I end up waking before the kids and I am able to quickly clean and grab myself breakfast, spend time in prayer. This helps start my morning on a positive note!

Pro Tip: During quiet time, don’t scroll social media. How many times have we gone to social media for a break, but walked away broken. Seeing what other moms are “accomplishing” or how “ Cindy and her hubby are having date night tonight” or the fact that no one seems to be struggling like you're struggling. It quickly turns from your alone time to recharge into an energy sucking portal.

I hope these 5 essential tips help you as much as they have helped me! Remember to take each day one at a time.

Have tips on how to get through being shut in? Please share them with us below!

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