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Updated: Mar 8

If you know anything about me, I am all for hands on learning! I eat sleep and breathe crafts lol BUT sometimes, a break is needed. I try to balance out hands on activities with workbook style activities so that whenever my children progress to a school setting, they are familiar with workbook style work that is often given. Today's Freebie Friday is a letter tracing activity that will help practice their hand writing and letter recognition!

I typically begin this activity with one solid marker and then let the child progress to what I call rainbow colors (using a different color marker for each set of letters.) Once we have spent a few weeks tracing the letters with markers, we revisit the activity using a pencil. I am sure to introduce working with pencils because my child may be asked to use one when not around me. (you can also opt to place it inside of a clear sheet protector and use dry erase markers!)

Tip: Place the child's work on a clipboard so that he/she doesn't rip through the page or get frustrated from it slipping.

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